Wow, just wow.

Some people are being criticized for fangirling about Hiddlesdick. They’re being accused of being creepy, over obsessed fangirls and that they have no respect for him.

I’ve watched these blogs for a while. I know they respect the man.

I’m sorry (fuck that, no I’m not), but would people be fussing if it was someone else’s crotch? If these bloggers were talking about their boyfriend’s dick instead of a celebrity? 

Desire is part of human nature. Something we experience every day and usually have to suppress. I see no harm in a little joking and fangirling at three in the morning over someone’s clothed crotch. 

We repress so much of what we really feel and think during the day in real life. So when we get here, on the internet, in the loving arms of Tumblr we start showing what we really feel and think. This is the one place we can feel truly free, surrounded by our sisters and brothers in fandoms. 

It is not a show of disrespect. It is not a sign that we’ll turn into homicidal blubbling fools who can’t put together a sentence, laugh at silly things, and cause orgies to happen. 

It is just us finally being able to truly be ourselves.

So, let us be free. Let us show who we truly are and let our repressed emotions out in this safe home. 

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